We’re back!

So I’ve been on a hiatus for a while now, what with having to move continents (again!) and also my trusted Dell Inspiron, which I’ve had since 2010, having broken. I didn’t want to buy a laptop in Spain and be stuck with a Spanish keyboard after we moved to Caribbean, so I waited. And now, I am finally a Mac convert and proud MacBookPro owner. Expect me to blog more regularly now, and come back and keep checking.


Say hello to her now! Hope she inspires me to blog more! Meanwhile keep following me on Twitter and Instagram (anoosrini on both) for pics/updates on food, cooking, travel and more! ❤


Shoot the pesto!

Every kitchen has numerous disaster stories. This could have been mine. 🙂 But it isn’t, otherwise I wouldn’t be blogging (bragging) about it.

So today I went to buy a few things from the local Asian store. Actually it’s the largest Asian market in Westchester county. They have a lot of interesting veggies, usually very fresh. Today, I picked a huge bag of what I thought was fresh basil, for just $1.99. I thought they were on sale. Anyway, I came home, put it away in the refrigerator. When I was thinking of what to make for dinner, I thought I will make pesto. Quick dinner in just 15 minutes. And my kids love pesto. Here is my previous post on Pesto.

I put the water for the pasta to boil, blanched and prepped the almonds, then reached for the bag for the basil. Wasn’t basil at all, but a strange, crispy, on the vine, greens. Turns out they were pea shoots. I actually had to look ’em up. Apparently, they are quite a delicacy. They are used the stir fry, dumplings etc.

I tasted a leaf, it tasted more or less like spinach, not bitter at all. So I figured, what the heck, let me make pesto. And I did. Picked off the leaves from the stem, and made pesto (same as the recipe I’ve given earlier, only substitute basil with pea shoots). Mixed up with rotelle (which is my kids latest favorite shape) and served dinner. Big hit! Tastes awesome.

I still have half the bag of pea shoots left. May be I will make stir fry tomorrow. And the next time, I will actually look for these in the market.

Why this blog?

I put up my food photos on Facebook/Twitter and they seemed to be all over the place. This is just an attempt at organizing those photos, and a journal about me, recipe by recipe.

Here is a link to my food photographs (hosted on Smugmug). Some photos were taken on my SLR and others on my iPhone camera. I will catch up with all the recipes soon.

Why is it called Oysters and Lemons? It’s from the name of one of my favorite books: Still Life with Oysters and Lemon.