Thai Red Curry

Thai Red Curry with tofu and cashewnuts

I’ve always been afraid of cooking Thai food. I love eating thai food though, and my recent lunch at Krachai, a trendy, Michelin Guide recommended thai restaurant, made me fall in love with the cuisine all over again. This pushed me to try my hand at Thai food. I knew there were currys, and one had the option of making your own curry paste, but I wasn’t going to risk it on my first attempt. I found a good oriental supermarket and bought the red curry paste, pre-made. It was then just a matter of making the curry and rice. It was yummy, the next time, I am going to try and make the curry paste from scratch.

Thai Red Curry


Tofu – 200gms
Onion – 1, cut in thin strips
Red pepper – 1, cut in thin strips
Green pepper – 1, cut in thin strips
Carrot – 1, cut in thin strips
Broccoli – 1 small head, cut into small florets
Thai red curry paste – 1-2 tablespoons
Brown Sugar – 1 tsp
Coconut milk – 1 can
Lime – 1
Fresh basil – a few leaves
Cashew nuts (optional) – 10
Salt to taste
Vegetable Oil – 2 tbsp


1. Cube the tofu, and carefully pan fry it in 1 tbsp of oil till mild golden brown. Take it out and drain on paper towels.
2. Pan fry the cashew nuts as well and reserve.
3. Heat the remaining oil in a pan, and fry the red curry paste for a couple of minutes till fragrant.
4. Add the onions, and saute for a couple of more minutes.
5. Add all the vegetables, saute for a couple of minutes more.
6. Add the coconut milk and brown sugar and cook for 8-10 minutes, till the vegetables are cooked, but not mushy.
7. Add the pan-fried tofu, cook for a couple of minutes more, taste and add more salt if needed.
8. Remove from the heat, add the juice of a lime, and the basil.
9. Top off with the fried cashew nuts, and serve with jasmine or basmati rice.


1. Don’t over cook the tofu, hot pan, fry for a minute or two.
2. Try out the curry paste you buy, some are spicier. Adjust the quantity on how spicy you like your curry.
3. Chicken or shrimp would be lovely as well. I had the curry with Langostinos at Krachai and it was yummy.
4. Add any vegetables you have on hand: green beans, asparagus, cauliflower, zucchini, mushrooms..


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