Entre Suspiro y Suspiro

Entre Suspiro y Suspiro is a fancy, distinguished Mexican restaurant, serving authentic Mexican food fused with international flavours. It’s just around the corner from Metro Opera. It’s cheerful, with eclectic art from Mexican artists and a huge collection of Tequila bottles. The previous two times that I’ve been there were a bit disappointing, but today was different.

We ordered mojitos, it was quite a warm day, and the drink was minty, and icy fresh. I have no idea what the amuse-bouche we got was called, but it was yummy nonetheless.

We started off with ‘Guacamole Suspiro’, which was chunky and fresh, but I would have liked a bit more lime. Our next starter was ‘Quesadilla de cuitlacoche’. Warm, fresh and absolutely delicious. I couldn’t get enough. Then we had a Ceviche with Prawns, fish, mushrooms marinated in a tomato, lime sauce. Yum!

Guacamole suspiros - Entre suspiro y Suspiro

Ceviche vuelve a la Vida - Entre suspiro y suspiro

Quesadilla de cuitlacoche - Entre suspiro y suspiro

I opted for ‘Langostinos de Rey’ (langoustines with caramelised onions and fresh tomatoes and avocados) and S had the fish of the day ‘Mero a la Plancha’ (grilled sea bass with a mango-chili sauce). I found the sauce a bit too sweet for my taste, but the langoustines were delicious. The main course was served with warm, fresh corn tortillas.

Mero a la plancha con salsa de mango - Entre suspiro y suspiro

We tried the vanilla ice cream with chocolate and mint sauce for dessert (my favourite pepper ice cream was missing from the menu) and columbian coffee. Would have had some tequila shots, but it was 3PM, and i had to pick the kids up from school. Definitely the next time.

An slightly expensive but delicious meal!


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