Avocado-Tomato Bruschetta

Tomato-Avocado bruschetta


Bruschetta (pronounced bru-ske-ta)  is hard to get wrong. I mean, you cannot go wrong with crispy bread, good olive oil, garlic, fresh tomatoes and basil, salt and pepper. So typically a recipe is unnecessary. You cannot go wrong.

For the topping, I used diced tomatoes, basil, olive oil, salt (sea salt if you have it), and pepper. But I had a ripe avocado, so I decided to add one diced avocado and teaspoon of fresh lemon juice (so the avocado won’t change color).  I toasted some fresh bread slices (In Spain, it’s called barra de pan), brushed with olive oil under the broiler till golden brown. When it was fresh out of the oven, I rubbed a clove of garlic on the slices. Pile up the topping on the slices and serve immediately.

It’s an excellent, creamy variation on the usual bruschetta. Of course, you can top your bruschetta with whatever catches your fancy. Marinated buffalo mozzarella, roasted pepper, olive tapenade. Or skip the garlic, and go with roasted pear and feta, strawberries with balsamic vinegar or dulce de leche (fine, if you insist, nutella) with bananas!



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