Chocolateria San Gines

Chocolateria San Gines, Puerta del Sol, Madrid
Chocolateria San Gines is a Madrid tradition. It has been around for more than a century now, and serves THE best “chocolate con churros” (choco-laa-tey con chu-rrrrr-os).  It’s open round the clock, and the madrileños usually go here at about 5AM, after a night of bar-hopping. It gives the best sugar hit! But like us, if you are with kids, and land up at 5PM, you have to wait in a small queue to enter, but the service is quick and impeccable. Soon you are huddled around a tiny table, looking down at rich, hot chocolate and crispy churros. Churros are just a means to an end – spoons for the divine chocolate.
Chocolate con churros


After this satisfying sugar rush, we walked through C/Arenal, and Opera and ended up in the Palacio Real gardens watching a glorious sunset. All in all, a lovely evening!


Palacio Real, Madrid


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