Tortilla Española (Spanish Omelette)

Spanish omelette is very simple to make, and if you are having a brunch, it’s a life-saver! You can make it ahead and it’s better eaten at room temperature.

Choose number of eggs based on your omelette pan size or number of servings. I made this tortilla (In Spanish, tortilla means omelette, so a French style folded omelette is Tortilla Francesa) with 5 eggs, 3 small sized potatoes and one onion.


Slice the potatoes and julienne the onions.

Pan saute them with salt, pepper and oregano over medium heat in a olive oil. (Don’t break open your fancy Extra virgin oil for this recipe, any normal olive oil will do).

While the potatoes and onions cool down a bit, beat the eggs with salt and pepper and a splash of milk (I use about a table spoon per egg). Don’t over beat please.

Mix the onions and potatoes with the egg.

Heat your omelette pan (better an oven safe pan. If your pan has a plastic handle, just wrap it up with some aluminum foil). Add a splash of olive oil. Pour the egg mixture in and cook over medium heat. When the bottom is set, most recipes call for a flip over.But then it’s messy and you have to use one more plate. (Slide on to a plate, and flip it over back on the pan). I just find it better to turn your broiler on, and finish the tortilla in the oven, till the top is just set.

Let it cool and cut in wedges and serve.

I served it as a bocadillo (Spanish for sandwich, pronounced boca-di-yy-o)


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    • Quiche or any savory tart (Recipe for savory tart soon), have a pastry crust, a filling (meat or veggies) with the egg custard. Egg custard is typically made with eggs and a equal volume of cream or whole milk (or a combo of both). This isn’t a egg custard, just eggs, like an omelette.

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